Nottingham Co-Investigator: Prof Juliet Thondhlana

Prof Juliet Thondhlana, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Nottingham. In addition to ongoing research with refugees in Zimbabwe and Syrian refugee school children in the UK, she has extensive experience in the field of linguistics including sociolinguistics, communicative competencies in migration as well as the role of language as a tool for refugee integration and inclusion. This expertise will be beneficial to the project to seek how language can be used as an empowerment mechanism and intervention to enable refugees with disability to access quality education. Her connections with Zimbabwean NGOs and local and other government departments through previous and current work on refugees and human trafficking at Tongogara camp will be helpful in moving the project forward more quickly and effectively as well as on issues relating to policy development. She will be able to use recent experience on a British Academy funded writing workshop to support the journal article writing process in the partner countries. 

Relevant recent publications: 

Thondhlana, J. and Madziva, R. 2018. English Language as an Integration Tool: The case of Syrian Refugees to the UK. In: Erling, E., ed., English across the Fracture Lines: the Contribution and Relevance of English to Security, Safety and Stability in the World. British Council. 63-71 

Thondhlana, J. and Madziva, R., 2018. English Language as an Inclusion Tool: The case of Syrian refugee children in the UK. In K. Safford and L. Chamberlain, eds., Learning and Teaching Around the World: Comparative and International Studies in Primary Education. Oxford: Routledge. 76-83 

Thondhlana, J., 2018. On becoming a skilled migrant: towards habitus transformation through higher educationEducational Review, pp.1-20. 

Madziva, R. and Thondhlana, J., 2017. Provision of quality education in the context of Syrian refugee children in the UK: Opportunities and challengesCompare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education. 47(6), 942-961 

Thondhlana, J., Madziva, R. and McGrath, S., 2016. Negotiating employability: migrant capitals and networking strategies for Zimbabwean highly skilled migrants in the UKThe Sociological Review 64(3), pp.575-592. 

Madziva, R., McGrath, S. and Thondhlana, J., 2014. Communicating Employability: The Role of Communicative Competence for Zimbabwean Highly Skilled Migrants in the UK. Journal of International Migration and Integration. 17(1), 235-252 

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