Nottingham Co-Investigator: Dr Roda Madziva

Dr Roda Madziva, Assistant Professor, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham. She has extensive experience of undertaking research with migrant and refugee communities, both in the UK and in Zimbabwe. Current and on-going work include an ESRC funded project which looks at the role of NGOs in the fight against human trafficking in Zimbabwe and a UKRI funded project to help displaced people in Zimbabwe fight COVID-19. Her experience and track-record of working with the migrant and refugee populations will be valuable in ensuring that the research is conducted in an ethical manner as well as a useful resource for guiding the impact of the proposed project. 

Relevant recent publications:  

Madziva R. (2020). ‘Bordering through religion: A case study of Christians from the Muslim majority world seeking asylum in the UK’. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy 9(3): 47-60.  

Madziva, R. (2018). “Your name does not tick the box”: the intertwining of names, bodies, religion and nationality in the construction of identity within the UK asylum system, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 41 (5): 938-957. 

Madziva, R. and Thondhlana, J. (2017). Provision of quality education in the context of Syrian children and young refugees in the UK: Opportunities and Challenges. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 47(6): 942-961. 

Madziva, R., Simon McGrath and Juliet Thondhlana (2017).  Rethinking the employability of international graduate migrants: Reflections on the experiences of Zimbabweans with degrees from England, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 41(2): 238-259. 

Madziva, R. and Lowndes, V. (2016). ‘When I look at this van, it’s not only a van’: Symbolic objects in the policing of migration, Journal of Critical Social Policy, 36(4): 672–692. 

Madziva, R. (2016). Transnational parenthood and forced migration: the case of asylum-seeking parents who are forcibly separated from their families by immigration laws, Families, Relationships and Societies: An International journal of research and debate, 5(2): 281-297. 

Madziva, R. (2015).  A gift exchange relationship? Reflections on doing qualitative research with vulnerable migrants, Families, Relationships and Societies: An International journal of research and debate, 4(3): 465-80. 

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