Principal Investigator: Prof Elizabeth Walton

Prof Elizabeth Walton, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Nottingham. Her research is concerned with groups excluded from education, particularly in the compounding effects of intersectional marginalised identities, hence her interest in disabled refugees. Until recently she lived and worked in South Africa. This has given her insight into the challenges of a developing context, but also the possibilities for change in policy and practice as different stakeholders work together. She brings bring experience as a Principal and Co-Investigator on multi-institutional funded inclusive education research projects and experience working with education institutions and local and national policy structures in inclusive education. She maintains a visiting associate professorship at Wits University, School of Education and has extensive networks in South Africa and links with policy makers and stakeholders in the region. Further links come from her involvement in the Unesco Chair in Teacher Education for Diversity and  Development.  

Relevant recent publications: 

Walton, E. & Dixon, K. (2020). Googling inclusive education: A critical visual analysisDiscourse: The cultural politics of education. DOI: 10.1080/01596306.2020.1819203 

Walton, E. & McKenzie, J. (2020). The education of children with disabilities in South African online news reports. In D. Garrisi & J. Johanssen (Eds.). Other Bodies: Disability, Media, and Representations (pp.135 – 155). Milton Park: Routledge. 

Walton, E. & Rusznyak, L. (2020). Cumulative knowledge-building for inclusive education in Initial Teacher EducationEuropean Journal of Teacher Education 43(1), 18-37.  DOI: 10.1080/02619768.2019.1686480 

Walton, E., Carrington, S. Saggers, B., Edwards, C. & Kimani, W. (2019). What matters in learning communities for inclusive education: A cross-case analysis. Professional Development in Education. 

Andrews, D., Walton, E. & Osman, R. (2019). Constraints to the implementation of inclusive teaching: A Cultural Historical Activity Theory approachInternational Journal of Inclusive Education (online). 

Walton, E. (2018). Decolonising (through) inclusive educationEducational Research for Social Change 7(0), 31 – 45. 

Walton, E. (2016). The language of inclusive education. London: Routledge. 

Ndlovu, S. & Walton, E. (2016). Preparation of students with disabilities to graduate into professions in the South African context of higher learning: Obstacles and opportunitiesAfrican Journal of Disabilities, 5(1), 1- 8. 

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