South African Co-Investigator: Dr Nicole DeWet-Billings

Dr Nicole DeWet-Billings, Associate Professor in Demography and Population Studies, and an Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand. She comes to this study from a research background in adolescent health outcomes in South Africa. She is interested in issues of youth and family demography, and brings to the study a quantitative perspective using population-based data. These data are vital for planning of services and interventions, and she is interested in analysing available data across the three country sites on disabled refugees, especially girls, and in relation to educational outcomes. She has studied issues relating to gender dynamics in African contexts and she is particularly interested in the focus on the families of disabled refugees in this study. She has extensive experience working on international, multi-institutional research projects and has leadership capacity that will enable her to manage the South African case study. As a result of research fellowship awards, she has South African and international networks that can be leveraged to enhance the impact of this project. 

Relevant recent publications: 

De Wet, N., and Osman, R. (2019). Ecological approach to childhood in South Africa: An analysis of the contextual determinants. Perspectives in Education, 36(2), 132-146. 

De Wet, N., Akinyemi, J., and Odimegwu, C. (2019). How Much Do They Know? An Analysis of the Accuracy of HIV Knowledge among Youth Affected by HIV in South Africa. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (JIAPAC) 18: 1-17 

De Wet, N. and Frade, S (2018) Disease prevalence and grade repetition among adolescents in South Africa: is there any relationship?, South African Journal of Child Health (Special Issue), s67-s70. 

Mabetha, K and De Wet, N (2018) Sexual harassment in South African schools: is there a relationship to risky sexual behaviours among adolescents? South African Journal of Child Health, (Special Edition), s10-s14 

De Wet, N., Muloiwa, T., and Odimegwu, C. (2018). Extra-curricular activities and youth risky behaviours in South Africa. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 23(4): 431-440. 

De Wet, N. (2013) Parent absenteeism and adolescents who work. African Population Studies, 27(1): 70-78. 

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