Ugandan Co-Investigator: Dr David Monk

Dr David Monk, Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Humanities, Gulu University is the co-chair of the Centre for Community Based Participatory Research and Lifelong learning. His background is in radical and critical adult learning, with a focus on compounded, structural, and intersectional injustices. David is interested in decolonizing knowledge and bridging the gap between community-based and university-based research practices. He does a lot of arts-based inquiry and facilitation for social change, including through painting,  poetry, and theatre. He teaches in the Masters program in the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies at Gulu University which addresses intersectional inclusion and equity as a core component to sustainable peace. He relies on local and international networks he has developed through the UNESCO Chairs of Community Based Research and Lifelong Learning Youth and Work (both based in Gulu, Uganda) to inform and guide his research praxis. 

Recent publications: 

Davidson, M., Harris, J., Hall, J., Monk., D. Eds. (2020-2025) Sin frontera= without borders: A Book Series Dedicated to Coalitional Politics, Deep Interdisciplinarity, Community Building, Participatory Research, and Disruptive Thought. University of West Virginia Press. 

Langole, S. & Monk, D. (2020). Background to peace and conflict in northern Uganda. In J. Vanderlinden & A. Rodriques-Vasse (Eds.) Youth education and work in (post) conflict areas. Groningen University Press. 

Monk, D., Davidson, M., Harris, J. (accepted, 2020). Gender and education in Uganda. In Cris Mayo Ed. Oxford Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality in Education. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 

Monk, D., Ongom, S., Openjuru, G. (2020). When the guns fell silent: Acholi Ngec ma Gwoko LoboGateways International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 12(2). 

Monk, D. (2020). Intermezzo: Lifelong Learning Café’s and youth aspirations in Gulu. In J. Vanderlinden & A. Rodriques-Vasse (Eds.) Youth education and work in (post) conflict areas. Groningen University Press. 

Walton, E, Mcintyre, J, Awidi, S, Dewet, N, Dixon, K, Madziva, R, Monk, D, Chamunogwa, N. (2020). Compounded exclusion: Education for disabled refugees in Subsaharan Africa. Frontiers Education 5 (1). DOI: 10.3389/feduc.2020.00047 

McGrath, S., Ramsarup, P, Zeelen, J., Wedekind V., Allais, S., Lotz-Sisitka, H., Monk, D., Openjuru, G., Russon, J. (2019). Vocational Education and Training for African Development: Reviewing the Past: A literature reviewJournal of Vocational Education and Training. DOI: 10.1080/13636820.2019.1679969 

Monk, D., De Oliveira, J., Salvi, E. (2019). The Heart of EngagementEngaged Scholar 9 (1).  

de Oliveira, Jayme., Sanford, K., Monk, D. (2017). Creating dialogue and unschooling education in S. Singer and M. Harkins (Eds), Voices from the Margins: Conversations About Schooling, Social Justice and Diversity.  

de Oliveira, Jayme., Monk, D., Tremblay, C. (2016). Recycling stories: Lessons from community arts-based process and exhibition in Brazil. Journal of adult and continuing education, 22(2). 

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